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Berry Forró | The heat is on… but the power is off

Malta is in the midst of a scorching heatwave. Temperatures on the island hover above 40 degrees Celsius and are expected to remain like that for at least a week. In the heat of all of this, a national crisis has occurred. Power outages have hit the island and have hit it hard. Vast areas

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Kamilla Turtiainen – Finland in NATO: Reinventing National Identity?

Traditionally unallied states Finland and Sweden have regularly visited the possibility of becoming NATO members, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Still, up until last year, neither have viewed it as a pressing issue and worthy of the risk of provoking Russia, which Finland shares around 1300 kilometres of border with.

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Raluca Grigoras: Traces of neo-colonialism in Romanian identity

Romania was never explicitly colonized. We’ve had our conquerors, our Ottomans, Russians, and Austro-Hungarians, but never an outside force with the goal of eliminating the Romanian national identity or assimilating it into its own culture. However, today we see a widespread sense of inferiority compared to any European country towards the West. This is further

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Faces of EU
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The Faces of EU – Greece

For this interview, let’s go to war and sunny Greece, where we interview a student from Athens. Let’s see what Estonian young people know about it! Do you know anything about Greek domestic/foreign policy? 31%: yes 69%: no “economic crisis” “so many protests” “debt, debt, debt” “Chinese port scandal” As we can see, the thoughts

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