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Tom Sutton | We know what Eurovision meant to Ukraine, but what did it mean to Liverpool? Local insight by Tom Sutton

The greatest song contest on earth, am I right? Like it or not, it is undeniable that Eurovision is a spectacle envied globally. A healthy form of competition between neighbouring states just shows how far we’ve come from warring nations to friends. It is therefore unsurprising that it has been used as a vehicle of Europeanisation in state building by Estonia when it hosted the contest in 2002…

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How is world changing because of the war in Ukraine – interview with the Estonian ambassador to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk

(VIDEO PODCAST) Kaimo Kuusk has been the Estonian ambassador to Ukraine since 2019. He focuses his efforts on communicating what’s happening with the war in Ukraine to the people of Estonia. This interview shows how his perception of the war has changed during this time…

So, the West, what's the plan? Where's the strategy? Interview with foreign politics expert Mr. Edward Lucas

Short description Topics unknotted & analysed: developments in Eastern Europe, China,  EU, and the West united strategy against Belarus, Russia, and China.The interview was recorded on 25th November in London at the charmingly eccentric India…

Brexit explained + perspective on Estonian politics. Interview with Tom Sutton

Short description Brexit & outside perspective on Estonian politics. We invited Mr Tom Donnelly-Sutton to discuss the more profound reasons behind Brexit and have a thorough conversation about “the European identity vs the UK…