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Let’s unwrap this topic in a compact but matter-of-fact manner! 

Most of us have heard these used in a derogatory manner, among other things, but as you know, these are actually the terms that you should differentiate!

Conservatism is a worldview whose supporters believe that traditions and values ​​must be preserved. Conservatism exists on both sides of the left-right spectrum. They appreciate the values ​​that have survived throughout time, e .g. the traditional family. They are characterized by a strong belief in the state, a free market economy, and social stability. Conservatives usually do not support giving priority to minorities or giving them equal rights.

Liberalism strongly supports individual freedoms, such as the protection of human rights, and freedom of movement and thought. Also, liberalism (especially in Europe) refers to economic freedoms and unrestricted economic activity (free competition, low taxes, etc.). In the US, liberalism focuses on giving everyone equal rights. Liberals value minority rights, a person’s own will, their ability to decide, and the free market. Additionally, liberals believe that taxes should be low so that people can make their own decisions about their money.

Notice! Conservatism and liberalism are not as black and white as they seem. They can be characterized even better with a spectrum — extreme liberalism at one end and extreme conservatism at the other. Everyone can place themselves somewhere in between. Each of us can have both liberal and conservative approaches to different sets of issues. For example, a person respects the traditional family, but also has traditionally liberal views on human rights and does not want the state to interfere in people’s lives. Also, someone can support minorities but appreciate statehood and nationality. And so on!

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Hopefully, we unknotted the topic!😎

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