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They might begin with the same letter but they are more different than night and day. However, the transition from democracy to dictatorship may not be particularly difficult. That’s why you should also know them and be alert if democracy is in danger somewhere.

Democracy is a form of government that is characterized mainly by the power of the people, respect for individual and civil rights, and the separation of powers (executive power, or government, legislative power, or parliament, and the judiciary). In a democracy, power is exercised at the highest level by the people. This means they participate in politics and choose their representatives in free and fair elections. In democratic countries, the prerequisite for stability is a competent electorate and active citizens.

Democracy gives everyone a platform, values ​​freedoms, and lets everyone participate in politics. However, in the hands of “evil people,” it can lead to dictatorship or “soft” dictatorship. It’s worth going to the elections and keeping your finger on the pulse of social issues.

A dictatorship is a form of government where the leader or dictator has the power to decide everything themselves. In a dictatorial state, it is not possible to elect a new leader in normal elections. The ruling power is therefore immutable and unpunished. The leader uses propaganda techniques to maintain their own power. Dictatorship is often accompanied by keeping citizens in fear because opposition to state power is punishable in such countries. Monopoly, the use of the military against the people, and the restriction of freedom of speech are the main characteristics of a dictatorship. A dictator can also come to power through democratic elections, for example, this happened in Germany when Hitler was elected to power.

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