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Welcome, to the very first Unknotted Media campaign – The Faces of the EU. Last year marked 30 years since the Maastricht Treaty was signed – a treaty that came to define the European Union into the political, economic and cultural union we know today. Yet, the past decade has tested the strength of the union. More and more often radical political voices in Europe call into question the unifying European idea. The migrant crisis, the climate crisis, Euroskepticism, the war in Ukraine – each challenge seems more unsolvable than the previous one.

We often hear that many of these challenges could be easily resolved were they given into the hands of young people. After all, most of the famous climate activists are young people trying to get older-generation politicians to listen. In fact, those who are 16-25 years old now, will form the core of the decision-making process in the near future. It is time to give them a voice. For this campaign, we embark on a journey across the EU. From Tallinn to Lisbon, from Dublin to Nicosia. All for one purpose – interview bright and active young people all across the Union, asking what the EU means for them, how people around them perceive it, and what can EU do for them. This campaign is sponsored by the German Embassy in Tallinn.

Image: Eberhard Grossgasteiger, Pexels

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